Friday, February 29, 2008


I wasn't going to go here for my blog because lots of times I feel confused about stuff and I feel like I end up looking like an idiot that votes blindly for the same party. It is no secret to most people who know me that I am a Democrat, however some people upon meeting me think that I am very conservative and I guess they think I'm a Republican. Anyway, I am so sick of one person in this race, just one in particular. This person has great ideals, but whenever I read on their blog or website, I don't really see a plan for stuff they want to do, just that they want to do it. I also feel like this person is not at all genuine in the statements made, just saying stuff to make people hear what they want to hear. I also didn't want to go here because sometimes others (myself included) can be so passionate that they get kind of mean in their rebuttals and then, in my opinion, the words get personal and those attacks really don't help anything. Well, I'm opening this up for discussion, we'll see if I get any hate mail from this post. I didn't say any names, just parties, but I do live in a very red state.

Friday, February 22, 2008

book idea

I am thinking of biting the bullet and just going ahead and writing a book! I started on one that is a draft on my posts list, but I am reluctant to publish it because I feel like it is so choppy and I may wait until I feel better about it before publishing it and then I guess we'll see what people think and if they comment on it. The only problem is that it starts with someone waking up in a strange bed hungover, and I don't know if I'm even going to like the way it's finished. Has that ever happened to you? You start something and then end up hating it because it takes a drastic turn and all of a sudden it isn't what you meant to say, but it's already out there so you feel like you can't fix it. Well, that's where it is now.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Reality TV

okay, I'm an addict! I LOVE IT, and that may be a bad thing because I will watch the reruns, you know, the ones they reshow on Bravo or MTV? while we are on that topic, btw...

Road Rules/Real World - Gauntlet III, um, okay, I guess it's all about the hook-ups now. They all have known each other or about each other for like 20 years now. How old is Beth? She's got to be about 40, right? But, let's get back to the hook-ups, one of the rookies, Brooke, decides that men are all wrong for her because she has been hurt too many times, so she gets together with Evelyn, from the other team, the veterans. This is such a disaster from my place on the sofa watching, and not even knowing these people. Evelyn is a lesbian and she says that she is falling more and more for Brooke the more she gets to know her. Brooke, however is not a lesbian and gets kicked off or loses and has to leave the show and upon her exit on the fly interview she says that she appreciates all the time she had with Evelyn because now she thinks that she can start up a relationship with the right man! WTF?!?! My heart breaks for Evelyn, and I just want to punch Brooke! What a bitch!

Survivor - Fans vs. Favorites, this one is still pretty new, only one showing so far, but James has the best body I have ever seen.

Project Runway - this is the first season I have watched, and I am so glad that I do! I can't believe that I wasn't hooked before, fashion design, for a show - what a concept! Anyway, my favorite is Christian, and I hope he continues to do well. I also like Chris March and when they were paired up for that challenge and won, I was cheering out loud for them. They rock the house!

American Idol - yes I'm still watching this show. And do you know who my favorites are this year? The guy from Australia and the girl from Ireland, yes, I like the two un-Americans, but I guess they have work visas or something and aren't illegal, can you imagine?

I don't get into the dating shows for reality, I have watched them before, but I find them pretty sad. Are they supposed to be meeting their mate for life? Now, I'm not judging because as some of you know, I met my husband in a bar, but I really can't imagine competing for him on some kind of game show. Bret Micheals has his show and is he looking for a wife? I really can't stomach that, because girls seriously, do you even know where that thing has been? I have met Bret Micheals back stage though, and he really is cute, and so sweet! I guess you can get caught up in the competion though, right?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

cancer stuff

I can't sleep, so let me just go over some random stuff. Today, after the DMV, I went to Target to get some things and while I was there a woman walked (actually rode on an electric wheelchair) into the store soon after me and I noticed she had a bandanna covering her head. This woman was older than me, maybe my mother's age, but I still felt a kinship with her. I was this = close to approaching her and then ask, "what are you surviving?" But, I didn't. I still, to this day, can not believe that a year ago, I was in the same place as her. My last chemo treatment wasn't even a year ago. I have come so far, and I feel like I am running away from that past life of cancer. I guess I just want it behind me. I haven't been to any support group meetings, and I was supposed to have an appointment with my medical oncologist next week, but since I had trouble finding a sitter, I canceled it. Wait a minute, am I feeling guilty? For not attending a support group? My mother assures me that it would be good to go, but I really just, well I don't know exactly why I don't want to go. Because I have survived and feel guilty when people I know or don't know are still suffering through it? I feel awful when I hear updates on a lady at church that is not doing well at all, and I really thought she and I survived it together, but she got a new cancer, and I didn't. I forget to take my medicine sometimes, and then I will freak out at any kind of sickness I feel. I guess I'm terrified that it could come back anytime without me even realizing it, and then it will be too late and I'll get word from some doctor that I have x amount of time to live and there's nothing they can do.

Damn, I need to get some sleep, I get like this when I'm really tired.

To the DMV

I had to get my drivers' license renewed, since it has been expired since the 26th of last month. I heard all kinds of horror stories about the DMV, the one I was going to, so I thought about traveling all the way to the west side of town because it's true, there is no line there. When I informed darling husband, he said, "what are you talking about, there's nothing wrong with the DMV in Homewood!" so, I figured, I'll just go on and go, if the baby princess starts screaming, it won't be my problem, it'll be theirs. Okay, I see what the nightmare is if you need a new license, but getting one renewed isn't all that bad, true there is no personality at the desk, but again, it wasn't my problem it was theirs. So, what do ya know? Husband was right, there was not a problem for me going to the Homewood DMV, however if I needed a new license, a whole other story!

I actually have a story, it was when I first moved to this side of the country and I needed a new in-state license to get married and because my other one had expired and I remember going to the Homewood DMV on two separate occasions and never getting it because I seriously waited for like 2 hours each time and then had to leave because I had class or work or something. So for that, I remember taking the long trek to the west side of town to go to that DMV where I didn't have to wait in line (at all), took my written driving test, stood on the mark in front of the camera, and walked out with my temporary license. And it seems like they were nicer at that DMV too!

Monday, February 4, 2008

sick, sick, sick

GREAT! Now baby princess is sick too! I had to take her to the doctor yesterday and she has an ear infection and bronchitis! I was hoping that big girl princess would be able to get back to school today, but last night she had a fever of 100 degress, so I kept her at home today so that she can get all better! I really feel like I am putting in triple shifts here. AND, when BGP got up this morning she had a very low fever of 99ish, which she can go to school as long as it's below 100, well it was back this afternoon and she has been sleeping in her bed with the humidifyer going. Baby Princess hasn't really had a fever, just the cough. All I want is for things to get back to normal, and I would just like to run, run, run around the track at the gym! I can't believe how much I miss it!

P.S. if this post seemed broken somehow, it's because I did half this morning and half this afternoon.

and another thing, tomorrow is Super Tuesday, so I will take the kids with me to vote, even if they are feverish and sick!!! I know, I'm totally mom of the year, right?