Monday, December 20, 2010

a letter to Santa

Little Princess was able to see Santa Claus at her school, which is really nice for me, since I don't like the big crowd at the mall. Bah Humbug, I know. Well, apparently when she sat on Santa's lap at school to tell him what she wanted for Christmas she told him that she wanted to be an elf. I personally think she was influenced by Will Ferrell from the movie "Elf." Anyway, she told me that she changed her mind about what she wanted for Christmas, but she already told Santa, and I told her that I have Santa's email address, and with a little manipulation to my email address book, I was able to get it set up for her to dictate while I typed. The letter really is adorable, and I wanted to share it. :)

Dear Santa Claus,

I changed my mind what I want for Christmas. I told you that I wanted to be an elf, but I don't want to stay away from my family. Now that I thought of it, I want an mp3, and a real camera, and a pillow pet.

Our family wants to call you tonight, just to give you a heads up that we'll be calling.

You're my only hope, I know Ed's watching, I'm a Christian.

"Little Princess"

(typed by mommy, as told by "Little Princess")