Tuesday, January 12, 2010

dolls' names

Little Princess has shown me a bunch of pictures of the dolls she wants for her birthday. I wanted to share them, because in my opinion, they sound like strippers'

Strawberry Shani Fraise
Beautiful Bride Becky
Ashlyn Amethyst
Mint Chip Madison
Red Velvet Vaneta
Raspberry Tea Renee
Twirling Tanya
Change Purse Chandra
Lil' Bride Lacey
Caley of the Caribbean
Blushing Bride Blaise
Pavi of the Pacific
Open Toe Tamara

I'm a little scared. Their French names are listed after their names in English, but I think these names that I have shown are enough to get the picture, right?

happiness is...

People with many interests live, not only longest, but happiest.

I don't know who quoted this, but I totally agree!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

snow days

So, I live in Alabama, and if there is a threat of snow they close the schools. I think this makes sense, because being in Alabama we have no snow plows and our vehicles really can't handle really icy roads. Besides the fact that the drivers out here may not know that you don't break on the ice, blah, blah, blah. I was complaining about the fact that my kids will be out of school tomorrow, not because of the threat of snow, but because they just got back in school this week from the holiday break, and now they are back home. I then posted a pretty abrasive comment because I was sick of everyone saying things like, "the threat of snow closed schools?" I feel guilty about my abrasive comment because I remember when I lived in Utah, the roads were all plowed by 5AM, so there wasn't missing any school. We also had salt on the roads, so there was less ice, but you still had to look out for black ice, but we're getting off track here. I just want to apologize to anyone, if you read my blog, about the abrasive comment. Really, I think it's good that schools are closed because it makes our roads safer, therefore the kids are safe, but I am just annoyed that they are out of school this soon after Christmas break and I have a dirty house that I want to clean before I host Bunco on Friday night.