Friday, October 31, 2008

one of those days...

I got up this morning, and it was your average, normal, every day, kind of day. I had a few errands to run and my last errand I was very excited for because I was going to pick-up the race packet to register for the Vulcan 10K run. On my way to the shoe store that has the race packets I hit a curb and then had a blow out tire. GREAT!

It's alright, I can change a tire, no problem. First I took the stroller out of my car, set it on the ground, got the jack out of my car and started to work that in preparation to change my tire. I am not sure how many f*ckers (yeah, I'll go there) passed by before a nice man stopped to help - he even said, "I could tell you needed to watch your kid because I saw the stroller on the ground". While he was helping my wonderful husband came by, and was very appreciative to have someone stop to help me. Hubby was able to finish changing the tire, and we then find out I have a flat spare tire too. UGH!!!!

I then call the people that I bought my tires from to get a tow, and we'll be able to work it that way. I get the towers on my phone they tell me it will be "about 45 minutes". Okay, whatever, I need the tow, I'll wait on it. Hubby, as wonderful as he is then takes Baby Princess with him, who is sitting in the back seat this whole time, to the place he was working doing an audit. I waited a bit over an hour, the tow guy came and took me and my car to the tire place. Husband picked me up at the tire place and took me and Baby Princess out to lunch. While at lunch we learn that my car will not be ready until 3:30. I am wondering if this is a sign that I shouldn't do the Vulcan Run.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

6th picture from the 6th folder

I was tagged by Hear Their Everywear, and I'm a little scared.

but there she is, baby Princess on my unmade bed, in a cute dress and hat. This got me to thinking. Since then I have gotten a newer camera, and those pictures are in their own folder, so just to be fair, let me post another.

And there you have it, baby princess playing and being silly on my untidy living room floor.

Now I need to tag people, and I'm not even sure who reads my blog, so I'm up for suggestions... :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween stuff

Supper club this weekend has a Halloween theme, and I have to figure out how to word something that I can bring so that it sounds spooky or halloweenish. Let me just say, I don't know how to do that without it sounding like something no one would want to touch, let alone eat! Bloody Mary, I can do, but I didn't make up that name. Hopefully people will understand and hope that I'm not being unfestive.

Speaking of Halloween, I got the Princess' costumes, and look how cute they are!

I won the choice and they will both be dressed like princesses, and not like some slutty Hollywood starlet. Sorry, I know that's harsh, but I really don't get dressing your child up like that!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Whatever! That's all I have to say, WHAT-E-VER!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Facebook is my friend

Sad, but true. Facebook and I have regular contact all day long. We hit each other with little zingers and wink at each other, just to make sure we know that it was just a joke, we play games throughout the day. I have even been so involved in my friendship with Facebook that I have neglected what I should be doing, like cleaning the house, cooking meals for my family, you know the mom stuff. Of course, my friendship with Facebook is still more healthy than my friendship with Plurk was. I had to end all ties with Plurk, I don't even peek in on him anymore...

I will not end my Facebook ties, I'm much too involved now. :) And to tell you the truth, I'm a good friend to have, I can give support when needed, Facebook I will help, Plurk, I can not. Facebook still allows me to get things done, even if a little later than I meant to, but it gets done, Plurk kept me from getting a lot done, I'm guessing that is what an unhealthy relationship is like.