Monday, May 26, 2008

my own observations

Last night I was lying in bed flipping channels and I stopped at TBS where they were showing "Titanic" and it was at that part where the violinists are playing "Nearer My God to Thee" and showing the mayhem of the big ship sinking. It was really so sad, the people putting their kids in bed telling them stories and so calm like they have accepted that they will die a tragic death, but show no fright to scare their children and the old couple holding each other while they were lying in bed. I starting to think about how I have always been a strong swimmer, I was on the community swim team from about 3rd grade on up, to being on the high school swim team, where I was also a lifeguard, and I realized that it wouldn't matter how well I could swim if in those conditions. I don't know why I do it, but whenever watching movies I always put myself there, what would I do?

Anyway, speaking of swimming... One of the reasons why I love the track at HRC is because it goes over the gymnasium and the swimming pool and I like to watch the people in the gym and the pool as I go by. Today there was a big fat man wearing a Speedo, and really it was just comic relief for me. I just think fat man is speedo is funny. Some people may be reading this going "ew, gross!" but he wasn't hairy or anything, that would be gross. Fat hairy man in speedo reminds me of my boss at the Desert Wave Pool where I used to be a lifeguard. EW!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

6 Random Things

I have been tagged by K-Mom, to identify six random things about myself and then tag six people to tell six random things.

1. I don't like to think about germs, they kind of freak me out. I can get totally OCD about washing my hands sometimes, so I try to not think about germs. See, and typing this now, I must wash my hands.

2. Unlike Seis and K-Mom, I have done "it" in a car, and unlike K-Mom, I have not done "it" in the back of a UPS truck.

3. Both times I was newly pregnant, I got totally wasted before I even knew. It made me feel like a bad mommy from the very start.

4. I know that I am not as smart as most of my friends, especially inferior to those in The Best Damn Moms' Group Ever (TBDMGE). I'm okay with that, I realize we all have different levels on intelligence and sometimes I don't feel as smart as my peers.

5. The main reason why I work out regularly is so I can be a "hot mom".

6. I like to read. sorry I know it's lame, but I have been sitting here for like 20 minutes and I just can't think of a good original 6th thing, I thought about copying some, but I will just leave it like it is. :)

I think I am later than most on doing this, so I think everyone has already been tagged, if you haven't, then consider yourself tagged now.

politic stuff

I have liked all the information I have gotten from John McCain in both interviews I have seen with him. I feel like I'm riding the fence again. I don't like the idea of us being in Iraq anymore, but I think that he will have better plans for getting us out of there than just getting us out of there. He has good ideas for strengthening the military, for climate control, and for ridding our addiction to foreign oil, which will help our economy and gas prices.

The only reason I would want Hilary to win is because I like the woman who plays her on SNL. I like Obama too, but I can't even remember being moved by an interview with him like I have both times with John McCain.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Look at me!

I feel so good! I was thinking about this today during my morning run. Let's take a minute to look back at how much last year sucked for me, really it started in October 2006 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, but I prevailed! I survived! I was remembering how I couldn't run during and soon after my chemo treatments and now look at me! I'm off running 2 miles at a time, and then walking another 2, just so that I can finish up my hour. I realized today that I need to be more proud of myself, it did suck to have go through all that, but look at me now!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

baby princess

she seems to have that bug that i do for trying on different clothes.

and she is so good at getting her picture taken, "CHEEEEZE".

Thursday, May 1, 2008

point to ponder

There's something about make-up sex that is better than regular sex, it doesn't even require much foreplay.