Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let's Play Catch-Up!

I have been a very very bad blogger. I think what my main problem was that I was blogging about such negative things, and that's not what this is supposed to be about, so in turn, I stopped reading blogs and I stopped posting blogs. The girls are in school, and I am very proud of both of them, they are little smarties, and get along with other children.

Little Princess is very excited about the news out of England. Prince William has proposed to Kate Middleton, and they will be married next year, making Kate Middleton; Princess Katherine. When I told LP the news she was so excited and asked, "a real live princess? really?" Dateline did a report about them last night, so I recorded it and Little Princess and I will be eating cookies and watching about the Royal Family after school today.

Other news, I usually participate in the Mercedes Marathon in February, but this year my sister and I want to do the "rock and roll marathon" in Seattle, which is in June, I think. I was thinking of not doing the Mercedes one this February, and only doing the one in June with my sister, but I really am thinking I could still do both. Quite a decision...

I have sewn more outfits for the kids, and I have sewn some things for their friends too, but just the girls, I don't have any patterns to make little boys' clothes. I have started to feel even more confident about my sewing, and I hope to finish some Christmas clothes within these next few weeks. I'll post pictures of course.

Well, I feel like I have caught you all up. I am hoping to keep this blog on the positive side. Really, what I have to do is stop watching TV, it's really so negative, but I think I'm an addict. Well, I don't think I am, I know it.