Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring break

We just got back from Seattle, and I have much to write, but let me just make this post about the recycling that goes on out there. EVERYTHING! I was very impressed. My sister who lives in the city, by law has to recycle all paper and plastic and aluminum and put food waste in compost. If failure to do such she gets fined. I was thinking about how far Alabama is from that. We would go to restaurants and they also had separate trash cans for recyclables and trash. I remember when I moved out here from SLC, UT there were recycling bins next to most trash cans in 1993! Now, in 2009 in Alabama and not all garbage pick-up even has recycling pick-up. Crazy!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

on owning a home

My parents told us, after we bought this house, that we will now never be rich. I thought they were crazy, I mean home-ownership put us in middle-class, right? Well, the problem is, we have to fix stuff all the time! I sometimes wish that I had a millionaire uncle that was very generous so that I could just go to him when I needed something for the house.