Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Mom's "Salary"

Stay-at-Home-Moms are seen differently by different people. On Bravo we learn about "Real Housewives," that aren't really housewives, and NOT real just portrayed a certain way for TV. I am told often, by different people, about how great the sacrifice I'm making by staying at home to care for my children. This is what I think though, as soon as I made a salary for what I did as a real stay-at-home-mom, I would not be appreciated and probably resented. According to a story on Yahoo! , I would make about $122,000. I think (just my opinion, BTW) that the same people who say we should be paid for what we do would jump up and say that we shouldn't be paid for what we do because it's not really that much work. To tell you the truth, I would like to make money so we could have a second income - it would be really nice in the current economy, but I think about what I would have to spend my money on. I would have to hire a babysitter, a cleaning service, if not a cook then we would have to buy our meals somewhere, a seamstress (since I have started sewing the kids clothes), a personal assistant to attend PTO and room mother meetings, and possibly a massage therapist because I would go crazy and be very tense. If I made my own money I would want to be able to buy myself new clothes and shoes and spa appointments. If I had to pay for the stuff that I do now then I may think it's not done to my approval, so I would feel like I was doing twice the work, just for the second income. Money doesn't buy everything, and I guess not my sanity.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I have just started sewing, and I love it. I find that it is the best therapy ever. I am able to think and be productive unlike running which is just thinking with no productivity. I know that if my feelings are hurt then I close myself off, and avoid all confrontation because I don't want to cry. Sewing has helped me spend less time on the computer, which I find very unhealthy if you spend a lot of time without other adults to keep you company, as most stay-at-home-moms will do. I have been able to make two dresses (so far) for both of my children, I'm currently working on the third in a different more complicated style. I was going to not sew today because my "teacher" and I will usually sew together on Tuesday and Thursday when both kids are in school. I am thinking though, that with some left over fabric I may try making a skort for little princess since I am borrowing that pattern. I spent too much time on Facebook this morning, which lead me to read other stuff on other sites and I need to take a break again. I have thought about going unplugged for a week, but my idea was quickly shot down from other family members, I may have to get that idea going again. We can all use our creative juices and not watch TV or "play" on the computer. I feel domestic on a whole other level when I sew, I was able to see talent in my work right off (not to toot my own horn), unlike cooking which always seems like such work to me. I am proud of the dresses I have made for my kids so far, and that just makes me feel good. There are times when I feel like the worst mom ever, and I compare my own mothering to other peers of mine, but this makes me happier, and therefore I feel like a better mother for it. Now, I'm off to sew! :)