Thursday, March 20, 2008

I can't win

It is spring break for our area and since big girl princess isn't in school I have two kids at home with me all day long. I guess I should consider this practice for when summer comes, but it's still harder than it looks on TV, especially since it's tax season so my accountant husband works all the time.

Anyway, on to the reason for my post. I have wanted to have daily adventures for my kids this week because watching TV all day isn't good. On Monday we went to the zoo, bad idea, the rest of the city was also there, but it really wasn't too bad because the zoo is big enough to hold a lot of people. I just have snooty issues sometimes so people tend to get on my nerves. On Tuesday we went to a local park that is fun because it looks like a big castle, so the princesses felt right at home. We were able to climb and play and slide and climb some more. However, it was like word got out that we were there so all of a sudden there were a bunch of obnoxious rude kids pushing my kids around so after playing for about 45 minutes we left. Yesterday, on Wednesday, we went to Chuck E. Cheese. It was raining so I felt like it was a good idea to play in a dry area, even though I knew that it would end up being really crowded. We got there at about 10:00 AM, when they opened and it was pretty nice, got our pizza at about 10:30 and it started getting more crowded. At 11:00 I was DONE! We got the hell out of there, and as we were in the parking lot getting back to the car I noticed that it stopped raining. Today, I was going to go to another park, after going to the grocery store, but I really feel like if we did, I will regret it, and there is no point in wasting my gas driving to another park where my kids won't get a lot of play because I get annoyed.

hmmm, maybe I need to go to therapy. Nah, I'll just take it out on some laundry.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Remembering 9th Grade

A friend posted this on his blog and he and I went to highschool together, even though we weren't really friends, we ran around in the same circles. Anyway, I have been hit, do with it what you want.

Let's see how much you remember--

--Who was your best friend? Brione Berneche

--Who did you go out with? I don't think I went out with anyone until I got to high school. I remember my first kiss being in the 9th grade, but I didn't know I was supposed to open my mouth.

--Did you have a crush on anyone? There were like 4 or 5 guys in my class in the 9th grade, so no. But, maybe I liked a few guys that I didn't really know that went to the public jr. high school.

--Did you buy your lunch?everyday in the school cafeteria.

--Did you skip?
not in 9th grade.

--Did you get suspended/expelled?

--What was your favorite class?
probably English by Mrs. Barnes, or either Music or Art both taught by the very talented Sr. Shirley.

--What was your mascot? IRISH! which I guess is a little man, whatever that little Notre Dame guy is.

--Did you go to the dances? yes, I think we had about 3 the whole year.

--If you could go back would you?uh, no.

--Where did you sit at lunch? we all had to sit with our classes at that school, we were in the same class together from Pre-K up, except for me it was 2nd grade up because I moved there from the public school, where I went in 1st grade. And I wasn't even in Utah before then.

--Who was your science teacher?
Sr. Ellen? or Helen? I can't remember her name but she was pretty bitchy.

--Who was your English teacher? Mrs. Barnes, love her.

--Who was your history teacher? Mr. Hanson, he never smelled like he showered. But I remember he was very smart, and funny.

--Who was your math teacher? I had to be in the geometry class with Sr. Shirley, even though I was taking Algebra, I have no idea why, something to do with my head injury, I'm sure.

--Did you think you were cool? I was cool.

--Describe your outfits in ninth grade? Uniforms, maroon and grey plaid skirts with white collared shirt and maroon sweater, vest or long-sleeved - our choice. On a side-note, these uniforms are featured in Outkast's video "Hey Yeah!"

--Who was your favorite teacher? Probably Mrs. Barnes, I'm still in touch with her.

--What was your most memorable moment? That I was class President.

--What were your least favorite memories? I can't recall any particular one, but I remember HATING my typing class, it was very hard for me.

--What was your best accomplishment? passing.

--What action do you regret the most? I didn't really stick up for myself througout school, I think that is my biggest regret.

--What did you spend the most time doing on weekends? Probably swimming, I was very much into that as a kid.

--Did you make any lifelong friendships? I'm still friends with Brione, but she and I have been friends since the 2nd grade. I'm also great friends with Tracy and Kerri, whom were both in my 9th grade class.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

on that whole potty training thing

I need to just get off my ass and quit being so lazy about this whole potty training thing. Baby Princess is ready and there are those little signs that tell me so, the latest one should have gotten me the first time, but I had this whole stomach bug thing, anyway enough excuses, I'll just get right to the story. This past week baby princess has had trouble going right to sleep at nap time and I will eventually go in there to see what the big deal is and she is naked from waist down and has peed (and sometimes pooped) in bed with the already wet pamper on the floor. Am I that much of an idiot? Isn't it obvious? Take her to the potty first, then put her in bed!!! That way I don't have to change her sheets and her clothes and then put her back in bed! I'm hoping to get this right by next week.