Friday, August 26, 2011

Yoga, just what I needed.

Well, I have been furiously exercising by lifting weights, and not as much cardio (i.e. running), because I was told by several different trainers that strength training is more important than cardiovascular exercise. They all told me the same thing, that if I did strength training BEFORE I ran then I would notice a difference. The difference I noticed was that I felt bigger through my hips and thighs, so I asked my Pilates instructor what I could do to fix this irritating problem. She told me, what I already knew, that we are all built differently. She also asked me what I wanted to get through my exercising, I told her that I want to eventually run the full marathon. She said that it sounded like running was more important to me than building muscle, which I totally agree. Also a classmate of mine jumped in and told me that I should try the Power Yoga Sculpt class with her later this week. I tried this class today, and I found that this hour and a half of holding poses was exactly what I need. I was able to work on my balance (important for running), and I was able to work on my breathing (also important for running). Also, let me just say that at the end of class when you relax and only concentrate on your breathing it was exactly what my body and mind needed. I now feel more rejuvenated, and better about getting on with my day. Namaste.