Monday, March 7, 2011


Ugh, who was that "Negative Nancy" that ran 13.1 miles and didn't feel good about it? Sorry, for that last post folks, my attitude must be bad lately, and I haven't noticed until I read something I wrote.

Today I did the Jillian Micheals "Yoga Meltdown" DVD, and it is very tough. I think that if I do it every day this week, it will be easier, and maybe then I will appreciate my work outs more. That is one goal.

I have entered a weight loss contest with some friends. It started March 1st, and goes until May 31st, and it's mainly about losing 10 pounds, even though I'd like to lose closer to 20. I have measured more than just my weight this time around though, I also measured inches, so I can still feel good about myself if I lose inches and not weight. My BMI (body mass index) is 25.5 which is considered to be overweight, and in the 50th percentile. I'm hoping to get that down as well as inches and weight. I'm trying to not diet as much as just cutting back on junk food and trying to be more active. That would be the other goal, so here we go, wish me luck, I may need it. :)


Becca said...

sorry, I was wrong, I'm in the 41st percentile.

A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Girl, I dontknow where you are going go find 20 extra pounds to lose - you look great as is!! Good luck - I need to follow suit and I really like your idea of taking into account inches and not necessarily just pounds. Now, if I could just find my motivation :)

miss all you girls!!

Duble said...

This is a real question, if you lost 20 lbs would you're bmi still be in the normal range?

Becca said...

If I lost 18 pounds I would be in the normal weight range, my BMI would be 22.5.