Monday, May 2, 2011

oh Bunny, where are you?...

Bunny is Little Princesses lovey, she took him/her everywhere. Well, about a month ago she lost it, somewhere in this house. We (the whole family) have no idea where this blessed bunny is! Well, LP has been calling him on the phone, her end of the conversations are all pretty sad, she obviously misses him. Tomorrow I plan to do a big clean of her room, and hopefully I can find it. She went to bed crying tonight, we have had a few nights like that, as you can probably imagine. All the pictures I have of her asleep she's holding bunny. She asked me if we can go shopping for a new one if I don't find bunny during the clean tomorrow, but I don't even know if it exists anywhere. I'll be tearing up the city looking for one tomorrow, I can't stand to see LP cry.

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Becca said...


He was in Big Princess' closet. I'm filled with relief! :)