Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rule Book

Little Princess has dictated to Big Princess rules for everyone that takes care of her to follow. I had to share. :)

"Little Princess' Rule Book"

1. I like to go to the play ground.
2. I'm good with pets.
3. I like getting wet.
4. I like sugar.
5. I like Auburn.
6. I like going outside.
7. I like to read.
8. I want to ride a horse.
9. My favorite animal is a tiger.
10. I like to pick flowers.
11. I like to help people in need.
12. I want my own elf.
13. I like to paint.
14. I like babies.
15. I will not clean my room.
16. I like petting dogs.
17. I like shiny stuff.

This is where it ends, I'll update if more rules are written.

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